17 February 2022 | 3:30pm – 5.00pm | Online

Wayne Jordash, Panel Speaker on EuroCham Webinar “Deep dive on Responsible Disengagement in high-risk areas”

As part of the Responsible Supply Chains in Asia (RSCA) the OECD, Myanmar Centre for Responsible Business and EuroCham Myanmar are organizing a new webinar in their series, following earlier meetings on Enhanced due diligence in high risk areas and a Deep dive on enhanced due diligence in the manufacturing sector in 2021.

In this third session we will look at what responsible disengagement or responsible exit means in a conflict-affected or high-risk areas. Panelists will more specifically look at when and what triggers should prompt companies to disengage. They will also deep dive into practical actions to implement to ensure the business exit responsibly notably by addressing and mitigating adverse economic and social impacts of disengagement and by meaningfully engaging with stakeholders.

The goal of the discussion is to shift from current narrative around should business stay or leave but rather how should business should stay or disengage from a high-risk area.

The webinar will be held close-door, under Chatham House Rules.