Guidance for Shipping Sector: Conducting business during armed conflict

What is the context?

In the wake of intensifying tensions between US and UK forces and Yemeni armed groups, as a result of the ongoing conflict in Gaza, global shipping routes have witnessed widespread disruption in recent weeks. It's crucial to recognise that armed conflicts not only bring about risks but also impose substantial responsibilities on companies including in the delivery of humanitarian aid.

How can we help?

As part of our ongoing series on responsible business and armed conflict, we are pleased to announce the release of new guidance tailored for the shipping sector. This guidance focuses on heightened human rights due diligence and ensuring operations align with international humanitarian law.

We trust that this resource will prove invaluable to shipping and port companies navigating complex scenarios in conflict areas. By prioritising responsible business practices, we can contribute to fostering stability and adherence to ethical standards during challenging times.

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