Corporate Crimes Hub: Practical Tools on How to Investigate Corporate Crimes

The ask

Despite a growing understanding of the role played by corporate actors in the commission and facilitation of human rights abuses – ranging from war crimes to environmental harms – the number of convictions against such actors remains low. As corporate abuses can take several forms, with varying degree of responsibility, an understanding of what each crime requires under both international and national laws is essential for accountability.


The Project worked closely with a network of investigative and litigating NGOs from around the world, current and former members of the law enforcement community, corporate accountability academic experts and others involved in the investigation and prosecution of corporate crimes linked to human rights abuses. The Corporate Crimes Project at Amnesty International has conducted in-depth investigations into corporate involvement in human rights abuses with the aim of increasing the evidence available to build stronger cases against corporate actors.

How we tackled this

In 2021, BHRC provided advisory services to Amnesty International to support in the creation of the Corporate Crimes Hub. The Hub is a free-to-use online resource, that provides a platform of shared information and advice, including for other organisations as well as victims of abuses.

The Hub covers various relevant offences relating to businesses’ operations: killing, torture, rape and sexual violence, forced labour, financial crime, seizure of natural resources, detention and disappearance, supply, and environmental crimes. It further summarises these crimes’ relevant laws and standards, sets out the key legal cases, and indicates relevant evidence and useful resources to consult when building a case against a corporation.

At a glance

Client Amnesty International
Sector Other
Region All
Duration 8 months
Years 2021